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What Do You Bring to The Table


 Children of God are blessed to be in a relationship with Him. As I recall the times of my unfaithfulness to God, the last thing on my mind was my relationship with the God of this universe. That was the root of the problem. What should we call it if we are not in a relationship with God? An association of usury or a relationship of convenience? Is God our rebound from a previous relationship? For the one who loves God, He was our first option; we did not think we were good enough. Yet He loved the world (John 3:16). In this relationship, God provides everything we need now and when this life is over. The nature of this relationship requires faithfulness to what He has entrusted us with. If I can be trusted with a mortal life, a life of immortality is a given.


 We benefit significantly from our relationship with God (Psalm 34:8-10, Psalm 23:1, Psalm 103:1-2) to the degree that we want for nothing. Every day, God gives us something. In a relationship, as God speaks to us through His word, we communicate back in prayer. As God gives to us, we, in turn, provide Him with glory, strength, and worship.


Not a day should pass by that I must question God’s faithfulness and what He is truly doing for me. Our eyes have seen, and we have experienced His working. The fact that God is in your life comes with the benefits of being in the best relationship in the world. Some companies have an excellent reputation. If a person can work for them, you do not have to worry about their employer's dedication to their employee. Does God have a more excellent reputation?


What do we bring to our relationship with God? We present ourselves to God daily, with our schedule always available for His service in this relationship. God wants us to love Him with all our being (Mark 12:30).


 Ultimately, God has always wanted you and all of you and always wanted your love and faithfulness. God is so generous that He has given us His Spirit so that we can love Him and others better than we have in the past. Everything we have comes from God, as we give as we have prospered 1 Cor. 16:2,(God has prospered us). We have prospered in many ways other than financially, and we give it all away in our relationships with others and, most importantly, with God.


©Sept 10, 2023 Courtney Henderson



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