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Welcome to the Hayward church of Christ website.  Please take a few minutes to browse around and look us over.  It is our aim to encourage, strengthen, and offer the way of salvation that God has revealed in His word--the Bible.  We also want to provide resources and Biblically sound material for you to use in personal study.  Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think. Or, better yet, come worship with us when you have the opportunity.



NEW EMAIL ADDRESS!!!   haywardchurchofchrist01@gmail.com

The "yahoo" address will be used by Thome.  


Here is the evaluation for Brother Henderson.  Click Here.


Here is the evaluation form for Brother Thurman. Click Here.


Drive-by baby shower!

Stefanie and Jordan Gannon thank you for your love and generosity.

*Registered at: https://www.babylist.com/baby-stefanie-gannon. Click here to go to the site.
Gift cards are welcomed!



Wednesday Evening Bible class was supposed to be on Zoom and simulcast on Youtube.  This has been working quite well, until tonight.....

Zoom did fine, but when we tried to activate Youtube, it didn't recognize the link and would not function.  This left some not able to watch the lesson.   We will have a contingency if this happens again....    



We are now allowed to meet as long as we observe certain restrictions.       

  • Temperature check and hand sanitizing stations at the door.
  • PLEASE! everyone should wear a mask when mingling and when in the auditorium.  Singing, etc.  
  • If you need to remove the mask, please exit the auditorium to do so, (not in the main lobby)
  • Maintain the recommended distancing when seated, in the building, and outside heading to your cars.
  • Of course, if you don't feel well, please stay home.  

Violating these things will possibly jeopardize our ability to meet.  

We don't wish anyone to be uncomfortable or feel unsafe.  We also recognize that some are not physically able to wear a mask for longer periods of time.  

Please act in kindness and respect in dealing with any of these issues.  




We will not be meeting Sunday Evening at 6pm for the near future. 



You can pick up communion supplies if necessary.  Call Tim, David, Curtis, etc. and we can work something out. 

You can drop off your offering also, or mail it.

We fill follow the direction of the elders before until we decide differently as the situation changes.



The bulletin will be online Saturday morning.  Below these announcements is a link.  Just below "Current Bulletin"  Or you can just click HERE. 


ATTENTION: ( This weeks bulletin is posted.  5:50 P.M. , Saturday May 1st, 2021) The "Barnabas list" is with the bulletin and will be updated  for April. (Explains all of the people on the prayer list in the bulletin) 






Ongoing message until the status is changed:


Regarding the offering. (members only) 

It is suggested that you set aside your offering and have it ready for when we can meet again.   Or you can mail a check to the building if you prefer, drop it by the building if you happen to be by here (mailbox is on the East side by the door) when going to the store, etc.  

Call Tim Brown if you wish to electronically contribute directly.  He can give you the information.


We will still be streaming Wednesday Evening. 

You can observe the stream on Youtube, or join the conversation on Zoom.  Juan can get you the link for Zoom if you wish. 

Sunday morning class is also on Zoom.  Brother Elbeck will continue a class series.  




Service Times

22307 Montgomery St.    (Near The Hayward BART station) Hayward, CA, 94541                 510-582-9830       Get directions

Services :                                                    Sunday                                             A.M. Bible Class               9:45 A.M. (+zoom)

             A.M.  Worship                 10:45 A.M. 

             P.M. Worship                   Temp. No mtg.                                         Wednesday                                       Evening Study 7:00 P.M. (Zoom & Streamed Only)                     Thursday

            Open Bible Study 7:00 P.M.  (yes, it's started back)



VBS has been cancelled for 2020 due to virus concerns.  We are planning for a great one next year Lord willing.


From The Pulpit

Articles and thoughts from the desk of Thomas West.

Live Streamed Events

This will take you to our YouTube live streaming event.  If this fails, just go to Youtube.com and type in Hayward church of Christ in the search area and it will take you to our page.   There are archived events also....

Mission Reports (new)

Current Bulletin


The schedule of events and who's on deck to lead the song service, etc.  

What's Happening At The Facility?

If you see an area which needs custodial attention or repair, let David Miller or Tim Brown know.  Outside issues, see Curtis Stredic.  We are working very hard to keep the plant in good shape, however, we may miss something.  You will not hurt any feelings by mentioning it.  It may be something we can't fix just yet, or just haven't seen yet....  

We have yet more upgrades, repairs and changes to the Montgomery building.  (not in order of priority)

General Stuff:

*Clean foyer carpet and auditorium entry. 

*Repair and pressure wash the East side of the auditorium. (fix leaks) Miller    Pressure wash done>>>

*Finish repairs on the auditorium West side stucco which has leaky cracks. Miller

*Restore door handles. (brass plates and pulls)  

*Montgomery door delamination fix or replace. (in progress)


Nursery and Training Room:

Paint the nursery and training room.  David Miller would like color suggestions for a neutral finish.  (wouldn't mind some elbow grease also)  Still need a color choice..... 

I have received no options, so I will use a neutral color...


Sisters' News



Bi-monthly Zoom meeting Saturday @ 9:am


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