Hayward church of Christ Welcome to 2020!
Hayward church of Christ  Welcome to 2020! 


Welcome to the Hayward church of Christ website.  Please take a few minutes to browse around and look us over.  It is our aim to encourage, strengthen, and offer the way of salvation that God has revealed in His word--the Bible.  We also want to provide resources and Biblically sound material for you to use in personal study.  Feel free to contact us and let us know what you think. Or, better yet, come worship with us when you have the opportunity.


Thomas R. West

Memory Verse for Febuary   Psalm 119:130     (NASB) “The unfolding of thy words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple."

Pray for the Ashley family in the loss of Alan.

See below for Ladies' Day information!   Coming soon!


Curtis Stredic

Thomas West

Service Times

22307 Montgomery St.    (Near The Hayward BART station) Hayward, CA, 94541                 510-582-9830

Services :                                                    Sunday                                             A.M. Bible Class               9:45 A.M.                                                 A.M.  Worship                 10:45 A.M.

             P.M. Worship                    6:00 P.M.                                                  Wednesday                                       Evening Study 7:00 P.M.                                                                    Thursday

            Open Bible Study 7:00 P.M.


Marriage Seminar

April 24-26, 2020 at the Hayward building.

John and Gayla Price (CCC,CTC,PCM) will be conducting the sessions and the counseling time.

Click the LoveSpeak logo above to see their information.

This is a three day seminar covering Love, Anger, Communication, and historical references.  There will be discussion time and counseling sessions available. 

Not just for married folks... Singles also are encouraged to attend.  (good preparation)

Click on the Agenda and Registration button below to see the full agenda and to register for the event.  

Registration will help us plan space and food, and will give you an opportunity to request a private session or post a question for the open discussion time.

All responses are kept in the greatest of confidence. 



VBS is not that far away.  Time does fly, and we know that a well prepared program is far less stressful and more effective.  Brother Brown will be having surgery in Feb. and on limited availability for a few weeks.  Think of ways we can help and take some burden off him for this VBS.  There's plenty to do to keep several busy.  Thanks!


From The Pulpit

Articles and thoughts from the desk of Thomas West.

Live Streamed Events

This will take you to our YouTube live streaming event.  If this fails, just go to Youtube.com and type in Hayward church of Christ in the search area and it will take you to our page.   There are archived events also....

From Gumes' Desk


The schedule of events and who's on deck to lead the song service, etc.  

What's Happening At The Facility?

If you see an area which needs custodial attention or repair, let David Miller or Tim Brown know.  Outside issues, see Curtis Stredic.  We are working very hard to keep the plant in good shape, however, we may miss something.  You will not hurt any feelings by mentioning it.  It may be something we can't fix just yet, or just haven't seen yet....  

We have yet more upgrades, repairs and changes to the Montgomery building.  (not in order of priority)

General Stuff:

*Clean foyer carpet and auditorium entry. 

*Repair and pressure wash the East side of the auditorium. (fix leaks) Miller

*Finish repairs on the auditorium West side stucco which has leaky cracks. Miller

*Raise and replace the parking lot light to clear the tree and brighten the corner.  (working on the pole height issue. making sure it will be safe to raise higher as is.)*

Auditorium Lighting:

Replace all lights in the auditorium with LED bright fixtures.  This will brighten the atmosphere and make reading easier for most. The electrician had trouble making a meeting, so we are looking for another one.  The lights are being ordered so we'll have them on site ready for an electrician.

See David Miller or Tim Brown for questions. 

Auditorium Issues:

After two inspections, we learned about our dry wood termites in the changing areas and ceiling in the auditorium.  There are several colonies, and we may have to "bag" the building to assure we get them all.  

Update:  We have contracted Terminix to fumigate the building.  This will happen shortly after Ladies' Day.  We have a lot of prep. to do before then.  

Nursery and Training Room:

Paint the nursery and training room.  David Miller would like color suggestions for a neutral finish.  (wouldn't mind some elbow grease also)  Still need a color choice..... 


Sisters' News

First Friday Evening potluck fellowship.         


Ladies' Day is almost here!  Click here to see the flyer.


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