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The tongue is a powerful little member of our body. God wanted us to have one; for it is a necessity for speech and eating; (James 3:5-6)


First, God placed the mouth just below the nostril on our face. Second, the tongue sits under the palate and is attached to the throat. Third, in the form of a horseshoe, God installed our gums all the way around; top and bottom gums. At the top and bottom gums, he positioned our teeth for extra security purposes to keep the tongue where it will dwell.


Furthermore, he stationed a wall on both sides which is called jaws. Last but not least, he added another security measure; the upper and lower lips to maintain the teeth. Thus, holding the tongue in its designated position. (James 1:26-27)


Now God has the tongue intact; the only way it can get out is if the lips are open, the teeth are separate, and the tongue pushes its way through to speak or to consume food.


With all the security our Lord has prepared for the tongue, some of us still allow it to get away from us and out of control to do harm to others. (James 3:8-9)


It can stand heat; hot coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. It can also withstand cold; juice, sodas, ice cream, etc.


The former actions are fine, but; which always change directions when we turn the heat on to our brothers and sisters we get so full of anger and jealousy. This allows lies to seep into our hearts for destruction. (John 8:44 and Colossians 3:8)


Nevertheless, the cold side can be just as deadly. At service and or at a fellowship, you become distant toward each other. Just imagine how you would feel if God were to turn his ears from us.


We must not allow this little member to get the jump on us at any time. (James 1:26-27)


When we commence thinking evil; evil actions occur. (Matthew 15:10, Psalm 12:18, Psalm 39:1)

Thelma Gooch

Lord, place your loving arms around my shoulders and your right hand over my mouth.


Lord, place your loving arms around my shoulder and your right hand over my mouth.


Each individual will stand before God to answer for his/her own walk of life. Read Romans 14:11 and Philippians 2:12


By Thelma Gooch



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