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PSA (I Trust you With My Life)
  Trust is needed for any institution to survive. The moment we no longer trust the institution, the less influence it will have in the world. Someone has coined that the shameful deed or decision that the perpetrator made could be forgiven, but the coverup made the situation worse. Why is it, the individual made more shameful and inconsiderate decisions to hide the one-act.
 Trust for strangers is generally earned by consistent actions of faithfulness. It is not uncommon to put strangers to the test to see if they do the right thing. After consistent behavior of right-doing, we deem them as trustworthy and see them as a person who will do what is in our best interest and theirs. But what happens when the stranger betrays our trust? Since the person is a stranger, we have no incentive to continue the relationship. Their behavior may be a foreshadow of more terrible things to come. Therefore, that relationship can be abruptly ended without a second thought.
 Trust for a family member is generally different. We assume that because we are family, each person will always do what is in the family's best interests. We are caught off guard once we realize the family's circle of trust has been broken. Unlike a stranger, you cannot abruptly end the relationship because you are blood and have invested soo much into the relationship. You genuinely love your family. Without trust (doing what is in each other's best interest) in a marriage, it will either end or forever be troubled and chaotic.
 I have said all of this to say church; we are family. We are not going to quit on each other. We love one another. Over the past two weeks, Covid has rapidly touched many homes in the congregation, even mine. I cannot say with certainty there is an outbreak amongst the assembly because I do not know. I can say that when trust is betrayed, this virus spreads in homes and amongst the assembly, and we do not know the outcome for the infected.
 What is in your church family's best interest? Everyone must wear a mask when the doors are open again. If the word “I” is used as a rebuttal, you are doing what is in your best interest and not the entire body. Some people choose to stay home because they do not believe we will protect them. We need to tell them and the public that we will protect them with all of our might and then show them our actions.
There is Bible for what I am saying; do I need to quote it? There is a state mandate that has been issued. That mandate does not contradict Scripture. For this body to survive, and for some of our elderly brothers and sisters, brethren who face health problems, be your brother’s keeper. Please do not be like Cain who sarcastically asked God if he was his brother's keeper after he killed his brother. In matters that we can control, we are responsible for each other's safety.
 I look forward to seeing you all soon, eye to eye. If it is the Lord’s will face to face. Until then, I love you and trust you. God bless you.
Courtney Henderson



Publ. Jan 14, 2022


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